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XenonStrobe L101X-A 230vAC [ bk] 7:Clear

5J 1Hz IP66 v=+/-10% (w/Lugs)

L101A230ACB.7 E2S L101XAC230AB/C XenonStrobe L101X-A 230vAC [ bk] 7:Clear 5J 1Hz IP66 v=+/-10% (w/Lugs)
L101A230ACB.7 E2S L101XAC230AB/C XenonStrobe L101X-A 230vAC [ bk] 7:Clear 5J 1Hz IP66 v=+/-10% (w/Lugs)
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L101X  Xenon Beacon
The L101X is a compact, robust 5 Joule Xenon strobe beacon ideal for all general signalling applications including fire, security and process control.
CPR compliant, approved to EN54-23:2010 for use in fire alarm systems, the L101X also carries GOST approval and cULs approval for general signalling. Featuring an automatically synchronised flash rate of 1Hz (60 flashes per minute) as standard, the DC voltage versions also have user selectable 1.5Hz (90 flashes per minute) and double-strike flash rates.

• Back boxes available with and without mounting lugs.
• Pluggable terminals.
• In and out terminals.
• Multiple, user selectable flash rates.
• User replaceable Xenon tube lamp.
• Tropicalisation available on request.
• Can be stacked to create multi-signal units.
• Can be combined with AlertAlarm & Sonora audible signals.


• CPD approval: 0786-CPD-21247 to EN54-23:2010.
• VdS certificate: G211077 (24 & 48Vdc versions).
• UL & cULs approved: General signalling use.
• GOST-R certificate: POCC GB.JB05.H00144.

Energy:5 Joules (5 Ws)
Flash rate:1Hz (60 fpm)
DC units: Optionally 1.5Hz
& double strike
Peak Candela:500,000 cd - calculated from energy (J)
Effective Intensity cd:250 cd - calculated from energy (J)
Peak Candela:86,935 cd* - measured ref. to I.E.S.
Effective Intensity cd:200 cd* - measured ref. to I.E.S.
Terminals:0.5 to 4.0mm² cables.
Lens colours:Red,  Amber, Yellow, Green, Blue,
Clear or Magenta
Tube life:Emissions are reduced to 70% after
8 million flashes
Ingress Protection:IP66
Housing material:UL94V0 & 5VA FR ABS
Housing colour:RAL3000 Red, RAL7038 Grey, 
White or Black
(Black back box is only available
 as "A: A100 type" back box)
Lens material:PC (Polycarbonate)
Fixings:Stainless Steel
Operating temp:-25° to +55°C [-13° to +131°F]
Storage temp:-40° to +70°C [-40° to +158°F]
Relative humidity:90% at 20°C [68°F]
Weight:0.20kg / 0.44Ibs
*Candela measurements representative of performance with clear lens at optimum voltage.
 Part Codes:                        L101X [u] [b] [x] / [y]
Version:Part code:
Product type:L101X5J Xenon Beacon
Voltage: [u]DC01212vDC/AC (10-14v)
DC02424vDC/AC (20-28v)
DC04848vDC (42-52vDC)
AC04848vAC (+/-10%  50/60Hz)
AC115115vAC (+/-10%  50/60Hz)
AC230230vAC (+/-10%  50/60Hz)
Back box type: [b]BStandard L101 type (standard)
(see drawings below)AA100 type (alternative standard)
SSonora type
MMulti-purpose type  
Housing colour: [x]RRAL3000 Red  (standard)
GRAL7038 Grey
BkBlack (A100 type Back box only!)
Lens colour: / [y]RR: Red (.1)
AA: Amber (.2)
YY: Yellow (.3)
GG: Green (.4)
BB: Blue (.5)
CC: Clear (.7)
MM: Magenta (.8)
Suffix part number with ‘-UL’ for UL approved version
UL version approved for general signaling (non fire alarm) use.  
 Back box types [b] :
   B: Standard L101 Back box   A: A100 type Back box
   [x] Housing colours : R; G; W;   [x] Housing colours: R; G; W; Bk;
   S: Sonora type Back box   M: Multi-purpose Back box
   [x] Housing colours: R; G; W;   [x] Housing colours: R; G; W;
 Technical Data: 
Version:Voltage:Current mA:Part Code:
12vDC/AC10-14v500mA/380mAL101X DC012 [b][x] / [y]
24vDC/AC20-28v250mA/300mAL101X DC024 [b][x] / [y]
48vDC42-52v175mAL101X DC048 [b][x] / [y]
48vAC+/-10%250mAL101X AC048 [b][x] / [y]
115vAC+/-10% 70mAL101X AC115 [b][x] / [y]
230vAC+/-10% 35mAL101X AC230 [b][x] / [y]
EN54-23:2010  CPD approved units 0786-CPD-21247:
Unit:Cat. C Cat. W Cat. O Power:
L101X DC024 [b][x]/C (.7)C-9-6.8W-2.4-4.8O-4.8-10 6W
L101X DC024 [b][x]/R (.1)C-3-2.6  n/aO-1.9-3.6 6W
V=15.9m³  n/aV=13.0m³
L101X DC048 [b][x]/C (.7)C-9-7W-2.5-5O-5-10 8.4W
L101X DC048 [b][x]/R (.1)C-3-3  n/aO-2-4 8.4W
V=21.2m³  n/aV=16.0m³

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