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Ex XenonStrobe BEXBG05DP024AS2S1R/B BLUE

*SIL2 5J 1Hz IP66/67 *SS316 EExdIICT4/T5

BEXBG05DP024AS2S1R/B E2S BEXBG05DP024AS2S1R/B Ex XenonStrobe BEXBG05DP024AS2S1R/B BLUE *SIL2 5J 1Hz IP66/67 *SS316 EExdIICT4/T5
BEXBG05DP024AS2S1R/B E2S BEXBG05DP024AS2S1R/B Ex XenonStrobe BEXBG05DP024AS2S1R/B BLUE *SIL2 5J 1Hz IP66/67 *SS316 EExdIICT4/T5
Lenker: | DoC | GA | IECEx | SIL2 | Manual | DataSheet | ATEX
BExBG05 Explosion Proof Xenon Beacon 5 Joule
The flameproof BExBG05 Xenon beacons are suitable for Zone 1, 2, 21 & 22 applications. Approved to IECEx, ATEX, Ex EAC and INMETRO standards.
The BExBG05 5 Joule beacons robust construction enables installation in the harshest of environments. Additional features include automatic synchronisation on multi-beacon systems and stainless steel guard and mounting bracket as standard.
The BEx range features enclosures manufactured from corrosion proof, marine grade copper free LM6 aluminium with a chromate and powder coat finish. All models have two M20 cable entries, large termination areas containing in & out terminals and an ingress protection of IP66/67.
• Marine grade, corrosion proof, LM6 aluminium enclosure
• Automatic synchronisation on multi-beacon system.
• Beacons can be set to ‘flip-flop’ alternating mode with other units on multi-beacon systems.
• Xenon tubes mechanically secured against shock & vibration
• Glass lens & Stainless Steel guard
• Very large termination area.
• Dual M20 cable entries - adaptors available.
• Stopping plug included.
• Ratchet adjustable stainless steel ‘U’ bracket.
• Reverse polarity diode fitted.
• IP66/IP67 ingress protection.
• 120 candela effective light intensity.
• UV stable PC, field replaceable, colour lens filter.
IECEx KEM 10.0002X
IEC 60079-0 : 2011
IEC 60079-1 : 2007-4
IEC 60079-31 : 2013

EN 60079-0 : 2012 + A11
EN 60079-1 : 2007
EN 60079-31 : 2014
CR-TU Ex EAC certificate: RU C-GB.MH04.B.00048
Safety-integrity level: SIL2 (Applies to product version "S1" in 24vDC)
Inmetro certificate: 10-IEx-0010

• Ex d IIC T5 Gb Ta. -50°C to +45°C
• Ex d IIC T4 Gb Ta. -50°C to +70°C
• Ex tb IIIC T90°C Db Ta. -50°C to +40°C
• Ex tb IIIC T105°C Db Ta. -50°C to +55°C
• Ex tb IIIC T120°C Db Ta. -50°C to +70°C



Energy:         5 Joules (5Ws)
Flash rate:1Hz (60 fpm)
Peak Candela:500,000 cd - calculated from energy (J)
Eff. Intensity cd:250 cd - calculated from energy (J)
Peak Candela:39,463 cd* - measured ref. to I.E.S.
Eff. Intensity cd:120 cd* - measured ref. to I.E.S.
Lens colours:Red, Amber, Yellow, Green, Blue, Clear & Magenta 
Voltages DC:12vDC; 24vDC; 48vDC
Voltages AC:115vAC; 230vAC
Ingress protection:BG05D : IP66/67
BG05E : IP66
Enclosure matl:Marine grade copper free LM6 Aluminium
Enclosure finish:Chromate & powder coated finish - anti-corrosion.
Colour:RAL3000 Red
(others available on request)
Cable entries:2 x M20 ISO (1 x stopping plug included as standard)
Adaptors to M25, 1/2" & 3/4" NPT can be specified
Terminals:0.5 - 2.5mm² (20-14 AWG)
Enclosure volume:< 2 litres
Line monitoring:Blocking diode included
EOL Min. 500 Ohm 2w, or 3k3 Ohm 0.5w resistor
or diode (DC versions) can be fitted
Grounding stud:M5
Temp. range:-50° to +70°C (-58°F to +158°F)
Relative humidity:90% at 20°C [68°F]
Tube life:Emissions are reduced to 70% after 8 million flashes
Weight: DC: 2.45kg/5.39Ibs AC: 2.75kg/6.05Ibs
Option S1:SIL2 Compliant versions:
- contact us for technical info.
 *All candela data is representative of performance with clear lens at optimum voltage.
Part Codes:                      BExBG05 DP [u] [e] [m] [s] [v] [x] . [y]
Version:Part code:
Product type:BExBG05Explosion proof 5J Xenon Beacon
Type:DPEx d, UV stable PC Colour Lens
Voltage: [u]01212vDC
Cable Entry Type: [e]A2 x M20x1.5mm (Standard)
B2 x 1/2" NPT - adaptors
C2 x 3/4" NPT - adaptors
D2 x M25x1.5mm - adaptors
E1 x 1/2" NPT - adaptor
F1 x 3/4" NPT - adaptor
G1 x M25x1.5mm - adaptor
Note:M20 stopping plugs for unused
entries supplied with all options
Adaptor/StoppingBBrass (Standard)
plug material: [m]NNickel Plated
SStainless Steel
Guard & Bracket1A2 304 Stainless Steel (Standard)
material: [s]2A4 316 Stainless Steel
Product version: [v]A1IECEx, ATEX, Ex EAC &
INMETRO (Standard)
Enclosure colour: [x]RRed RAL3000 (Standard)
SSpecial - contact us!
Lens colour: .[y] .1Red
.2A  Amber (Orange)
.3Y  Yellow
.5B  Blue
.7Clear (Transparent)

Example part code:BExBG05 DP [u] [e] [m] [s] [v] [x] . [y]
BExBG05 DP 024 A B 1 A1 R . 1
Explanation of tehe above:
Product type:"BExBG05" Ex-proof 5J Xenon Beacon
Type:"DP" = Ex d, UV stable PC Colour Lens
Voltage: [u]"024" = 24vDC
Cable Entry: [e]"A" = 2 x M20x1.5mm
Stopping plug[m]"B" = Brass (Standard)
Bracket material: [s]"1" = A2 304 Stainless Steel (Standard)
Product version: [v]"A1" = IECEx, ATEX, Ex EAC
& INMETRO (Standard)
Enclosure colour: [x]"R" = Red RAL3000 (Standard)
Lens colour: .[y] ."1" = (R) Red Lens colour

Effective Candela lens colour factor:
RedAmber Yellow GreenBlueClear
Current Consumption:
115vAC50/60Hz +/-10%140mA
230vAC50/60Hz +/-10% 55mA
The products from the BEx range are available as multiple unit assemblies pre-wired with and without junction boxes. See the BExP data sheet for further info or contact our sales department.

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