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Today SIL 2 compliance is generally required for safety related systems, particularly those for applications in hazardous locations. To assist system designers to meet these demands, E2S has designed a new generation of alarm horn sounders and Xenon strobe beacons certified for SIL 2.

The E2S BEx range of IECEx & ATEX compliant signalling devices are now available with integrated SIL 2 fault monitoring modules.  The SIL 2 module monitors the function of the device and provides real time feedback to the control panel. A fault condition can be communicated via independent fault contacts or by the introduction to the monitoring circuit of a series resistor. Using the series resistor eliminates the need for any additional cables and can be used in a standard two-wire arrangement.
The new SIL 2 version of the E2S BExS110 alarm horn sounder and BExBG05 Xenon strobe beacon are the perfect solution for designers and integrators of SIL 2 systems. They are designed, tested and certified to ensure a 99.9% reliability rate, bringing plant safety to new levels.
Key benefits:
- Signalling device function is checked and automatically reported to the control panel.
- Eliminates the need for time consuming physical inspections.
- Increased plant safety, confidence that all devices are fully functioning.
- Designed to integrate seamlessly into your SIL 2 environment.

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