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New product: D105 & D112 alarm sounders

At E2S warning signals we have been busy developing additional new products to meet the needs of tough industrial environments - the new D105 & D112 alarm sounders. The new products are housed in a metal enclosure offering improved mechanical, temperature and UV protection when compared to traditional plastic bodied devices.

The D105 & D112 alarm sounders are ideal for fire, security and process control applications where increased temperatures may be experienced or where robustness is of particular importance.

They offer several key benefits;

  • Increased protection for electronics at elevated temperatures within the sounder due to the corrosion proof, marine grade aluminium die cast enclosure
  • Available in two outputs, D105 up to 112 dB(A) and D112 up to 119 dB(A) @1m
  • Choice of 32 (D105) and 45 (D112) alarm tones
  • Can be combined with a 5 Joule, 200 candela Xenon beacon or high-intensity 120 candela L.E.D. array beacon to provide an audible and visual alarm
  • 'Programmable' version is available
  • IP66 giving excellent weather protection
  • UKOOA/PFEER compliant alarm tones
  • UL approved version is available
  • Superior design, quality and reliability from E2S

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