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New product: BExCS110-05D-R Radial Horn Combination Alarm Sounder and Beacon

The new BExCS110-05D-R is the latest variant of the popular flameproof Ex d IIB combination alarm horn and Xenon beacon. With an audible output of up to 113dB(A) at 1 metre plus a 5 Joule Xenon strobe beacon the new BExCS110-05D-R provides all the benefits of a combination device but with a unique radial horn design. The new horn design projects the alarm tone output omni-directionally allowing the Xenon beacon to be positioned optimally. In certain applications where the beacon has to be positioned in a particular way, installers are often concerned by the possible reduction in the effectiveness of the audible signal when the traditional flare horn has to be directed away from the personnel the warning is intended for. Now with the unique radial horn this is no longer an issue - the beacon can be mounted in any orientation necessary.

For applications requiring status indication or remotely selectable flash patterns the BExCS110-L1D-R offers the same audible performance but with a high output L.E.D beacon.

The BExCS110 products are suitable for gas atmospheres and the BExDCS110 versions for gas and dust atmospheres.

The BEx combination signalling devices offer significant savings in labour and installation accessories. With a single multi-core control and power cable installers only have to mount one unit, use only one gland and test one unit. The audible and visual signals can be operated from the same power source or connected individually for independent activation.

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