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SS Enclosure ESSX7200 650x950x200mm


ESSX7200-70663-0/MI Abtech  SS Enclosure ESSX7200 650x950x200mm IP66
ESSX7200-70663-0/MI Abtech  SS Enclosure ESSX7200 650x950x200mm IP66
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Stainless Steel 1.4404 (BS EN 10088-1 1995)
SSX 7.
Size: 650x950x200mm (Finish: Standard)
IP Rating: IP66.
Enclosure Earth Stud: 1 x EEAESM10SS Side B
Door Earth Stud: 1 x EADESM6SS
External Hinges: position: Default.
  • Note 1: Unless specified otherwise all machining tolerance shall be class ‘m’ to BS EN 22768-1:1993, except for circular cable gland entries in junction boxes where the tolerance shall be +/- 0.25mm for hole sizes and +/- 2.0mm for hole positions. Where such entry positions are not specified they will be located at our discretion.
  • Note 2: Where the quotation is for hazardous area certified product please refer to the attached detailed specification sheet; in particular the permitted areas of use.
  • Note 3: Where applicable, stated delivery period commences upon receipt of final approved drawings.
    Note 4: Unless otherwise stated, carriage and packing charges are based upon a single delivery. If you decide to receive goods on multiple deliveries we reserve the right to levy additional carriage charges.
  • Note-5: Delivery is an approximation based on available capacity at time of quote. Firm delivery dates will be confirmed upon order confirmation.
  • Note 6: Whilst we make every effort to correctly interpret your requirements, please be aware that it is your responsibility to ensure that the quoted items are checked for suitability against your original enquiry. Orders subsequently received which reference this quotation, will be treated as an order for the items quoted above and not for the items detailed in your original enquiry.





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