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Ex Cable Gland E1XSFRL1/25/M25

EExde IIC, IP66&IP67, SS316

E1XSFRL125M25 Peppers E1XSFRL1/25/M25 Ex Cable Gland E1XSFRL1/25/M25 EExde IIC, IP66&IP67, SS316
E1XSFRL125M25 Peppers E1XSFRL1/25/M25 Ex Cable Gland E1XSFRL1/25/M25 EExde IIC, IP66&IP67, SS316
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Cable Gland Type E

Double Compression Gland for Armoured Cable featuring Dedicated Armour Clamping


Ex d : Ex e : Ex nR : Ex ta : IP66 : IP68 Class I Div 2 : AEx e : AEx ta

Product Description: 
“E” type double compression glands are certified Flameproof Ex d, Increased Safety Ex e, Restricted Breathing Ex nR and Dust Protected Ex ta. They are suitable for use in Zone 1 and 2 for Gas Groups IIA, IIB and IIC and additionally for use in Zones 20, 21 and 22 for Dusts Groups IIIA, IIIB and IIIC. Also certified for Class I Zone 1 & Class I Div 2 installations for use with Marine Shipboard & Tray Cables under NEC & CEC. They provide a controlled Ex d & IP seal on the cable inner sheath, an environmental seal on the outer sheath and a detachable armour specific clamping system for wire (W), braid/tape (X) armoured cables.
The gland has been tested to IP66 and IP68 to 50 metres and is available with an IP O-ring seal on metric entry threads. The Integral Earth “IE” version allows the gland to be used with HV cables where the fault load is greater than 10.4kA and options are available for use with lead sheath, LSOH cables and extreme temperature applications.
Compliance Standard:
EN 60079-0, EN 60079-1, EN 60079-7, EN 60079-15, EN 60079-31
IEC 60079-0, IEC 60079-1, IEC 60079-7, IEC 60079-31 & IEC 60529
C22.2 (see certificate), CAN.CSA 60079-0/1/7
UL514B, UL1203, UL2225, UL50E, ANSI/UL 60079-0/7, ISA 60079-31
Certification:ATEXII 1D 2G Ex d IIC Gb / Ex e IIC Gb
Ex ta IIIC Da / II 3G Ex nR IIC Gc
IECExEx d IIC Gb / Ex e IIC Gb / Ex ta IIIC Da
CECClass I Zone 1 Ex d IIC / Ex e II
Class I Division 2, Groups A, B, C & D
Class II Division 1, Groups E, F & G
Class III, Enclosure Type 4X
NECClass I Zone 1 AEx e IIC Gb /
Class II Zone 20 AEx ta IIIC Da
Class II Division 1, Groups E, F & G
Class III, Enclosure Type 4X
INMETROEx d IIC Gb / Ex e IIC Gb / Ex ta IIIC Da
SACEx d IIC / Ex e IIC
   UKRAINEEx d IIC X / Ex e II X
CCoEPetroleum Rules 2002 (PESO)
ABSSpecified ABS Rule
LLOYD’SEnclosure Systems (Part 1B)
RMRSPart XI of RS Rules for the classification &
construction of sea-going ships (ed. 2014)
Cert. No.ATEXSIRA 01ATEX1271X & SIRA 09ATEX1221X
IECEx IECEx SIR 07.0097X
CECCSA 1356011
NECCSA 2627370
EAC RU C-GB.??06.?.00098
UKRAINEUA.TR.047.C.0408-13 & 2937
CCoEPESO P365300/2 & P365300/13
LLOYD’S 10/00056(E1)
IP Rating:IP66 & IP68 (50 metres - 7 days), Type 4X
Temperature:Neoprene Seals -35°C to +90°C
Silicone Seals -60°C to +180°C
Materials:Aluminium, Brass or Stainless Steel
Plating:Electroless Nickel  


Cable Gland Selection Table: See DataSheet
Part Numbers:          E          1          W          B          *          F          *
     2           X          S         IE          R
     3          A    
Example Part Numbering:E 1 W B F / NP / 20 / 050NPT
(See below for details)
EGland featuring armour specific clamping
1Neoprene Seal (1) - Silicone Seal (3)
Neoprene/Lead (2) - Silicone/Lead (4)
WSWA (W) / SWB or STA (X)
BAluminium (A) / Brass (B) / Stainless Steel (S)
IEIntegral Earth (see page 43)
   F Multiple Certification
Options:RReduced Bore Seal
Options:CPVC Shroud (C) - PCP Shroud (P) -
Options:LSOH Silicone Shroud (3)
Options:K-V-HLocknut, Earth Tag & Nylon (K),
Options:Fibre (V) or PTFE (H) IP Washer
Options:SIncluding Serrated Washer
Options:1Quantity per kit
Options:NPNickel Plated
20Gland shell size
050 NPT1/2”NPT Male Entry Thread
 Optional Accessories:
Locknut:Brass (A C B L N)
Brass Nickel Plated (A C B L N / N P)
Stainless Steel (A C S L N)
Aluminium  (A C A L N)
Earth tag:Brass (A C B E T)
Brass Nickel Plated (A C B E T / N P)
Stainless Steel (A C S E T)
Aluminium (A C A E T)
IP Washers:Nylon (A C N S W) (-40° to +95°C)
Fibre (A C F S W) (-40° to +135°C)
PTFE (A C P S W) (-200° to +260°C)
Serrated Washers:Stainless Steel (A C S S W)
Shrouds:PVC (A C S P V C)  (-25° to +70°C)
PCP (A C S P C P) (-30° to +100°C)
LSOH (A C S S I O) (-60° to +200°C)
* For gland size 20 the silicone inner seal has a minimum diameter of 9.3 mm and NOT 6.7mm

  • Gland size does not necessarily equate to the entry thread size.
  • Dimensions (A) & (B) may differ for glands with non metric entry threads. Please refer to our “Thread Reference Tables” for specific dimensions.
  • Assembly instructions must be read prior to installation and adhered to in full.
  • Peppers supplies cable glands with parallel entry threads that conform to the flameproof threaded joint requirements of IEC/EN 60079-1 and other equivalent standards. They usually incorporate a thread run out according to the available machining techniques and will not have a full form thread for the entire length. Peppers Cable Glands Limited will not be held responsible for clients’ installations where this has not been taken into account.
  • When selecting IP Washer & Shroud material for use with glands, please be aware of the accessories temperature range to ensure they are suitable for the intended installation.
  • Where approval in addition to ATEX, IECEx and CSA is required, this must be clearly requested at time of enquiry / order.

For further details, please refer to the attached Datasheet, Assembly Instructions (Manual), Certificates and other relevant documents.

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